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Quick, accurate, reliable, and noninvasive bladder volume measurement

BladderScan portable 3D ultrasound instruments measure bladder volume. These bladder scanners provide accurate data to aid in the diagnosis of common urological conditions, to assess urinary retention, to help prevent unnecessary catheterisation and to reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) in Irish hospitals. Cardiogenics is the distributor in Ireland for the Verathon range of these reliable and accurate bladder volume instruments and contracts units throughout wards within Irish hospitals/ hospices/ clinics and in community nursing. 

Portable ultrasound instruments for non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring have become the standard of care for managing urinary bladder dysfunction in men, women and children alike. Verathon BladderScan® devices continue to set the standard for accuracy, quality and reliability in all clinical conditions and environments.


BladderScan is a proven technology and is ideal for urology clinics allowing clinicians to quickly and accurately measure bladder volume and also to manage patient information within their electronic healthcare records. 

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Designed for easy and efficient bladder volume measurement, the BladderScan range offers a simple and robust solution for hospital wards, acute care settings, nursing homes, hospices and other long term care facilities. 

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Where portability and size is an important consideration, BladderScan offers community nurses and homecare professionals a convenient and easily managed solution for the measurement of bladder volume.

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