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BVI 9400 Features & Technology


  • Quick and accurate measurements
  • Distinct scan modes for men, women, and small children (Small children – Height: up to 1.2m; Weight: 7-27kg)
  • Easy to use, learn, and teach:
  • No sonographer required
  • Integrated video tutorial (4 minutes) to assist in training staff
  • Precision aiming ability via console and probe
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomically designed, handheld probe


Compact console with:

  • Colour LCD screen that tilts for easy reading
  • Brightness controls
  • Integrated printer for patient records or reimbursement
  • Savings calculator tracks instrument usage, urinary catheterizations avoided, and UTI costs saved
  • Voice annotation for exams to ensure valuable patient/exam data is retained
  • Can wirelessly upload exams to ScanPoint®  image management software for transfer to electronic health record systems (EHRs)
  • Calibration and software upgrades may be performed online using ScanPoint
  • Durable, reliable design
  • Optional medical cart with locking wheel for easy mobility
  • Battery charger and wireless hub for data transmission
  • Two batteries provided for continuous use
  • Ultrasound gel and printer paper included
  • Educational training pack
  • In-service session to train staff
  • One-year warranty


NeuralHarmonics® - Advanced technology in the science of ultrasound

NeuralHarmonics enables quick and more accurate measurements than conventional 2-dimensional ultrasound. In bladder volume measurements, a unique second harmonic differentiates the bladder, urine, and hypo-echogenic regions such as the uterus. This results in a better analysis, a faster answer, and a more accurate measurement from the device.

The BVI 9400 is quick and easy to use. When the user releases the scan button, within seconds, the instrument measures ultrasonic reflections on multiple planes inside the body and produces a 3-dimensional image. Based on this image, the instrument calculates and displays the bladder volume.