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Freestyle transducers

The ACUSON Freestyle™ ultrasound system is the world’s first ultrasound system with wireless transducers. Using proprietary ultra-wideband radio technology, the transducers are able to send images at a high sustainable data rate back to the system, all while maintaining excellent image quality without loss of frame rates.

The freedom of wireless transducers provides improved flexibility and ease of use in a variety of Point-of-Care environments. The ACUSON Freestyle system includes several smart workflow features:

• Integrated controls on the transducers allow operation of all imaging parameters on the system from up to 3 metres away from the system

• Transducers are powered by a removable battery which offers up to 90 minutes of continuous scan time between charges

• Both the transducer and battery can be immersed in cleaning/disinfectant solutions for quick sterilisation*

• An alarm sounds when the transducer is out of range of the system to ensure that it remains in the care environment

* The probes have been designed and tested to be able to withstand high level disinfection as recommended by the manufacturers of approved disinfectant products. Carefully follow the disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions. Do not immerse for more than one hour.

     13-5 MHz Linear probe              8-3 MHz Linear probe             5-2 MHz Curved linear probe