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GlideScope Ranger

The GlideScope Ranger Single Use video laryngoscope provides a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway and tube placement, enabling quick intubation.

  • Designed especially for difficult airways
  • Provides a consistently clear view, enabling quick endotracheal intubation in unpredictable and difficult conditions
  • Operational in seconds
  • Optimised for demanding EMS and military field settings
  • Single-use intubation device
  • Easy to use, learn and to teach

When time is critical, you need a video laryngoscope that delivers consistently clear airway views, enabling quick intubations.

The GlideScope® Ranger Single Use is designed to meet military specifications—rugged, reliable, operational in seconds—for fast intubations on site or in flight.

Ideal for EMS, military, and crash cart use, the Ranger provides a broad range of blade sizes for enhanced adaptability in emergent situations.



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