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Initial Step

  1. Once a booking is made with our screening team, our process commences with the distribution of a questionnaire and a site visit by our Unit Manager to determine the most appropriate location for us to set up screening room(s) in your building. This normally happens about 2-3 weeks before the agreed screening date. The Unit Manager will be able to answer any questions that you might have regarding the process at this stage.
  2. A copy of the questionnaire is given to each participant to be screened and must be completed thoroughly and returned to or collected by a Cardiogenics representative within a couple of days. This should be co-ordinated by a nominated representative at your club, school or workplace.
  3. The completed questionnaire is then reviewed by a Consultant Cardiologist who prescribes the tests to be carried out for each patient.
  4. The patient list and schedule is then communicated to your nominated representative or directly to the patient.


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