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Verathon Launches New Portable Handheld Video Laryngoscope System: GlideScope Go

Compact, easy to use, and ready on demand, GlideScope Go is the latest in a line of industry-leading video laryngoscope systems from the go-to source for emergent and procedural airway management solutions.

GlideScope Go is a durable, portable, high-resolution system for clinicians in hospital and pre-hospital settings. It features a scratch-resistant 3.5" color display with anti-glare coating and a wide field of view, designed for improved visualization and rapid, first-pass intubation. The unit is compatible with GlideScope® Spectrum single-use blades, for patients ranging from neonate to large adults.

"GlideScope Go is an intuitive, handheld solution that adds versatility to clinical airway management," said Tim Shauf, Vice President & General Manager of the Respiratory & Surgical Solutions business group at Verathon. "Combining GlideScope Go with our Spectrum blades delivers a high-resolution image powered by the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology—including Dynamic Light Control™ and Ambient Light Reduction™."

Like all GlideScope instruments, GlideScope Go is designed to provide consistently clear airway views in a wide variety of settings. Additionally, Spectrum blades are fully disposable to help reduce cross-contamination and aid in the infection control efforts.

"GlideScope Go gives clinicians the confidence of GlideScope® technology wherever and whenever they need it," said Verathon President Earl Thompson. "They're ideal for use in small spaces, emergent procedures, and any setting that requires mobility. GlideScope Go also complements GlideScope cart-based systems, so facilities can standardize their video laryngoscope training and efficiency."

01 September 2017

QuikClot shows significantly shortened haemostasis in pilot study with no noted increase in complications for transradial closure

A small pilot trial comparing a kaolin-based haemostatic pad (QuikClot Radial) with mechanical compression (TR Band) after trans-radial access, demonstrated that haemostasis times were significantly shorter with the QuikClot Radial pad, with no increase in complications noted. Potential benefits include less Radial Artery Occlusion (RAO),...

29 August 2017
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Mater Private Hospital first to acquire new generation BladderScan

Recognising the increasing importance of efficiency in respect of nursing and patient care, particularly inStephanie Rafter and Vitha Crasta, Nurse Managers in Our Lady's Ward at the Mater Private with Kate O'Sullivan from Cardiogenics avoiding unnecessary catheterisation, the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin have invested in the latest BladderScan technology, with a new 'BladderScan PRIME' from Irish distributors Cardiogenics. With all-new features such as a...

31 July 2017
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Researchers have identified a new gene that can lead to sudden death among young people and athletes

The gene, called CDH2, causes arrhythmogenic right ventricle cardiomyopathy (ARVC), which is a genetic disorder that predisposes patients to cardiac arrest and is a major cause of unexpected death in seemingly healthy young people. The discovery, published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, is the result of international collaboration...

20 March 2017
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Faster tracheal intubation with a 'restricted' view?

A clinical paper by Drs Yuqi Gu et al concluded that using the GlideScope video laryngoscope with a deliberately restricted view of the larynx resulted in faster and easier tracheal intubation than with a full view, proports that a Cormack-Lehane grade 1 view may not be desirable when using this technology....

A deliberately restricted...

09 November 2016
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QuikClot named best product at the seventy-fifth Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery

Z-Medica®, LLC, a leading developer and marketer of haemostatic devices, announce that their QuikClot product was chosen best product at the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

“We are honored to be chosen,” said...

14 October 2016
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If The Tools Exist, How Do We Then Achieve Excellence?

An article by Dr John (Jack) Allen Pacey MD FRCSc from the 'Surgeons Guide to Airway Management'.

If the tools are now available for Airway Management Excellence then why do we struggle and how should we proceed in a way that will provide high quality care that is reproducible and measurable .  The goal of this work is to provide...

07 October 2016
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The tools for excellence in Airway Management are now available

A surgeons guide to airway management Dr John Allen Pacey MD , FRCSc No.2: The last 20 years have provided many new tools for airway management with the result that there are many options now available for management of most anatomical and physiological states. This is not meant to be any kind of complete history of development of useful...

04 August 2016
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BladderScan assists in radical conformal radiotherapy for prostate cancer

A constant known bladder volume for planning and treating men with prostate cancer using high dose conformal radiation is an important basic principle of radiotherapy.  BladderScan® is a well-recognised and proven device for this application. In a paper ‘Assessing the daily consistency of bladder filling using an ultrasonic...

21 July 2016
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QuikClot as an adjunct to bleeding control post TAVI

A research article by Dr Daniela Trabattoni et al, assessing bleeding control with QuikClot after vascular closure device use in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). Large arterial sheath size use in TAVI patients may lead to vascular complications and bleeding.  QuikClot® haemostatic products are...

28 June 2016
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Video laryngoscopy - the past, present and future

Laryngoscopy has come a long way since the advent of the first laryngoscope some 120 years ago. From the initial direct techniques, laryngoscopy advanced through an era of flexible  fibre-optic video laryngoscopes, followed by the more highly developed transition scopes, before the arrival at the end of 2000 of the  first commercially...

19 April 2016
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QuikClot receives expanded CE Mark

Z-Medica®, LLC, a leading developer and marketer of hemostatic devices, announces today they have received an expanded CE Mark for their QuikClot® products in the European Union (EU). The expanded indication includes the use of the company’s kaolin-based hemostatic products for traumatic bleeding and in conjunction with...

01 March 2016
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Job opportunities as Cardiogenics expand in Ireland

Are you interested in being part of a dynamic, innovative and ambitious Irish healthcare company and joining our expanding team in Ireland? Cardiogenics Ltd are recruiting trainee product specialists and area representatives as part of our ongoing introduction of innovative healthcare products and strategic supply partnerships.

We are...

04 January 2016
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In Difficult-to-Intubate Children, Video Laryngoscopy is Modality of Choice

(From an article in Anaesthesiology News - Sept 2015) Direct laryngoscopy may be the modality of choice when it comes to intubating children, but its success rate pales compared with that of the video laryngoscope when used in children who are difficult to intubate, according to a multicenter research team.

The team’s analysis of the...

21 October 2015
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Cardiogenics showing new Siemens Acuson P500 Ultrasound at ICEM Annual Scientific Meeting

Cardiogenics will be demonstrating the new Siemens Acuson P500 at this year's ICEM Annual Scientific Meeting in Cork on 14-16th October. This new ultrasound from Siemens affords rapid screening for the emergency medicine setting as well as being adaptable and robust for such challenging environments.

The hand-held and also cart-based...

01 September 2015
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Siemens launches new ultrasound system

Siemens Healthcare has introduced a new portable and compact Acuson P500 ultrasound system, Frosk edition, which will allow rapid imaging in an emergency setting. The hand-held system can be easily carried and positioned in different clinical environments and can image in less than 30 seconds. It can be applied to all usual applications for...

14 June 2015
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BladderScan technology offers quick, accurate, reliable and non-invasive bladder volume measurement

BladderScan utilises a noninvasive, portable ultrasound device that provides a virtual 3D image of the bladder and the volume of urine retained within the bladder. Retained urine is a reservoir for bacteria and pathogens, which can cause urinary tract infections, leading to damage of the renal structures, pain, and urosepsis.

Bladder scans are...

17 October 2014
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Freestyle demonstrations at 2014 ESRA Congress

The 33rd Annual Congress of the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy is being held in Seville on September 3rd - 6th and will include demonstrations on the Siemens Acuson Freestyle by Dr Axel Sauter from Oslo University Hospital. See the schedule here

13 September 2014
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Cardiogenics appointed as distributors in Ireland for Bladderscan

Press release:

Cardiogenics Ltd, the Dublin based healthcare company, have recently been appointed as the Irish distributors for Verathon Inc's range of 'Bladderscan' ultrasound products. The products provide accurate data to aid in the diagnosis of common urological conditions, to assess urinary retention, to help prevent...

14 July 2014
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More advancements for GlideScope video laryngoscopes

The GlideScope AVL defines advanced video laryngoscopy. Airway views in DVD-quality clarity help users get the view they need to get a tube placed quickly. In addition to its now regular use in routine airway management, the new unit offers real-time recording which captures the details of difficult airway cases. The AVL features digital...

11 May 2014
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Multidiscipline ultrasound from Siemens

The portable Siemens Acuson P300 ultrasound system is designed to meet the diverse imaging needs for a wide spectrum of patients, body types and clinical disciplines – from radiology, anaesthesiology and general imaging to cardiovascular imaging, from obstetrics and gynecology to specialty imaging including muscoloskeletal, breast and...

18 March 2014
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Assembling the Freestyle wireless ultrasound from Siemens


See how the Siemens ACUSON Freestyle wireless ultrasound is put together....



15 February 2014
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Siemens wireless point-of-care ultrasound launched in Ireland

Cardiogenics Ltd have announced the release of the Siemens Acuson Freestyle wireless ultrasound in Ireland. This pioneering technology is the world's first cable-free ultrasound system designed for point-of-care clinicians.

Transducer cables have always been a cumbersome necessity in ultrasound imaging. Not only are they an impediment to...

07 September 2013
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Cardiogenics appointed distributors of Verathon's GlideScope in Ireland

Press release:

Cardiogenics Ltd, the Dublin based healthcare company, have recently been appointed as the Irish distributors for Verathon Inc's range of 'GlideScope' video laryngoscopes and associated products. Designed for a wide variety of clinical settings, and for patients from preterm to morbidly obese, GlideScope video...

22 August 2013
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GlideScope assists in neonatal intubation

The GlideScope AVL Preterm/Small Child video laryngoscope instrument provides a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway and tube placement, enabling quick intubation. 

The new GlideScope AVL defines advanced video laryngoscopy. Airway views in digital-clarity help users get the view they need to get a tube placed quickly....

23 July 2013
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New Line of Haemostatic Agents for use in Emergency Medical Services

These new and improved QuikClot products are specifically for use in EMS and designed to meet unique EMS haemostasis needs with improved efficiency and inventory management.

Options include new rolled gauze and other products to control bleeding associated with trauma, falls, accidents and related conditions treated in EMS settings.


23 May 2013
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QuikClot gains new CE indications within field of surgery

Z-Medica has announced newly expanded CE indications for QuikClot® Hemostatic Dressings. The expanded indications support the use of QuikClot® products as an adjunct to manual pressure for the temporary control of moderate external bleeding from surgical wounds or cuts and lacerations during operative and postoperative...

29 April 2013
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Siemens Ireland announces Healthcare Partnership with Cardiogenics


Siemens Ireland has announced a new partnership that will see Cardiogenics exclusively distribute the ACUSON P300 ultrasound system in the fields of cardiology, point of care diagnostics and anaesthesia in the Irish market. Cardiogenics is a Dublin-based healthcare specialist company with a wealth of experience in the Irish healthcare...

12 February 2013
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Siemens partner with Cardiogenics with the launch of a new portable ultrasound system

The new Siemens Acuson P300 portable ultrasound system was launched at the Irish Cardiac Society meeting last October. This multi-modular system is being distributed in Ireland by Cardiogenics and will provide clinicians with high quality ultrasound imaging at an affordable price. The P300 is ideal for a range of applications within Emergency...

01 February 2013
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Sudden Cardiac Death in the young is not just related to exercise


Exercise may not be the cause of sudden cardiac death in young peopleNew research conducted by Andrew Krahn, M.D., of the University of British Columbia and presented at 2012 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Ontario, reveals that sports may not be the culprit when someone dies of cardiac arrest.
Krahn and his team of researchers looked through coroner reports of 174 cases of people who were between 2...

02 November 2012
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