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Siemens ACUSON P500

Leaping forward with adaptable point-of-care

The ACUSON P500™ ultrasound system, FROSK edition, is an adaptable, point-of-care portable ultrasound system engineered to scale a wide range of environments and patient types.

The system delivers sophisticated technologies used in Siemens’ most advanced ultrasound equipment to ensure excellent image quality, smart workflow and durability, all in a compact notebook format. With reliable and fast imaging, the ACUSON P500 FROSK is particularly suitable for use in emergency medicine and general imaging.

  • Powered by advanced technologies for maximum adaptability
  • Simple, intuitive interface for flexible workflow
  • Durable for rigorous use

All new platform engineered to provide a foundation for expanding and adapting with your clinical needs:

  • Dynamic Persistence and Auto Flash Artifact Suppression work together to detect movements that affect image quality, and automatically reduce noise to provide unprecedented image quality
  • Compact notebook format is easily positioned in clinical environments, even in difficult scanning conditions
  • 30-second boot up time