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Freestyle technical details

The ACUSON Freestyle™ ultrasound system delivers advanced, wireless ultrasound transducer technologies to help you enhance clinical and operational efficiencies through reliable, high-quality imaging at the point of care.

Transverse internal jugular vein

Pixelformer™ Image Processing Architecture

The ACUSON Freestyle system uses computational focusing to bring each individual pixel into focus for a uniformly sharp view of the entire image—without the need to manually set or adjust focal zones. This imaging architecture also helps eliminate focal banding and decrease noise throughout the image, resulting in excellent detail resolution and image clarity for visualizing targeted anatomy. (Transverse internal jugular vein)


Optimized Infection Control

The L13-5 linear, L8-3 linear, and C5-2 curvilinear array wireless transducers allow you to operate without concern for wire sterility and feature patented battery management with a unique, sealed design. This design allows the transducers to be fully submerged to aid in high level disinfection and sterilisation.


Enhanced Needle Visualization 

The ACUSON Freestyle system delivers exceptional needle visibility to empower procedural guidance. It employs a sophisticated synthetic focusing technique designed to sharpen the display of needles without reducing the frame rate. Using diverse spatial compounding and steering, this technology helps deliver enhanced confidence during ultrasound-guided interventions. (Botulinum toxim injection in lower leg for exertional compartment syndrome)


ACUSON Freestyle Mobile Link App

The ACUSON Freestyle Mobile Link App2 wirelessly connects your Windows® tablet and ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system, allowing you to access, archive, and share ultrasound clips and images, as well as enter patient data. The app enables you to securely input worklist data from your tablet for faster, more efficient exams. It’s designed to work where you do—even away from your system—for a more flexible workflow experience.


Ultra-Wideband Radio

This state-of-the-art radio technology aids in delivering real-time, cable-free imaging through an exceptional 7.8 GHz ultra-wideband (UWB) radio. These speeds, up to 10x faster than a 4G smartphone, promote rapid data transmission and enable clear, seamless visualization to bring greater efficiency and procedural confidence to your clinical practice.


Bluetooth® Radio

Bluetooth technology not only powers wireless ultrasound transducers, it also delivers the tools that allow you to better integrate cable-free scanning into your practice, such as integrated controls designed for easy, single user operation and an internal alarm system for probe location security.